Mystery Tour 2018

Buy the ticket, take the ride!

ERYC proudly presents Los Angeles Mystery Tour 3.  A day filled with adventure, sights, and plenty of booze, with our own private bus clandestinely transporting us from one mysterious LA locale to the next. The twist? You won’t know where you’re going until you get there.

Think of it like omakase (chef’s choice) for your adventurer’s palate.  We’ll carefully curate an experience menu for you filled with mystery, intrigue and awesome surprises.

You down? All you have to do is buy a ticket, clear your calendar from 10-7pm, check that confirmation email and show up.

See you on the bus!

  • Tickets include snacks, a bus ride with several stops and a bunch of other awesome surprises.
  • American Express
  • $0.00

Photos from our first tour:


What’s included in the price?
Snacks & beverages, a charter bus, and a special surprise are included. some of the stops will be watering holes — if you’d like a drink (or two), you’ll need to cover those costs.

Where do I show up?
The tour starts at Union Station, refer to your confirmation email for specific details on the day of the event

Is this a 21 and over event?
Yes, participants must be 21+

What time will I get back?
Tour ends at 7PM or whenever you want it to, You’ll need to grab a Lyft from our final destination.

Can I drink on the bus?
Yes if you mean water or coffee. Alcohol is not permitted on the bus.

Do I have to stay on the bus the whole trip?
Yes if you want to stay on the tour, but you can get off the bus whenever you want if you want to cut your tour short.

Can you give me a copy of the schedule?
Seriously? What part of “mystery tour” do you not understand, my friend?

Is this event limited to Yacht Club members only?
Nope, bring your friends, mom, dad, cousin as long as their 21+, they’re welcome to join.

Should I be scared?
Definitely, I mean.. NO!

What if I have to pee?
This is a Yacht Club, friends. We roll in luxury, there’s a bathroom on the bus!

Who’s this guy Tom? Does he Play Dodgeball? Is he Single?
Tom Carroll host the web series “Tom Explores Los Angeles,” where he attempts to understand the city of Angels through it’s forgotten places and people. As a 5th generation Southern Californian, he’ll show you a side of the city that is otherwise completely hidden from view. He loves getting people psyched about LA HISTORY!!!